Diamara- sportive and powerful

Diamara dreijährig


Dormello Dream of Heidelberg I
Freie Liebe
Farah Feinbrand
Wendy by Wiesengrund

Further information about the pedigree at www.horsetelex.de


Diamara's nickname is "Flammi" (flame) just because of the little flame in her face. We discovered her in 2001. She has been with us since she was a filly. It is a real pleasure to have her here.

The breeder of the brown mare is Mr F. Schütt (from Markgröningen). The sportive mare got a first prize in the horse show in Weilheim, she is approved for breeding in the main stud book (Hauptstammbuchstute) in Hannover with over average results. Her ridability is extraordinary. After 5 weeks training she was successful in her first tournament. Her decendants are also very rideable and eager to learn.

Diamara is closely related with the stallions Bentley (Schockemöhle), Bonifatius (LG Celle) and more than 13 llicensed stalllions, they all belong to the Hannoverian mare line called "Nordenburg". Take a closer look to her family tree and you can find successful grand prix dressage horses like Weyden 4.




Dünenfreude von Damsey FRH 2015: Dünenfreude
Mare by Damsey FRH
Dünengold von Damsey FRH

2014: Dünengold
Colt by Damsey FRH

Baarda von Belstaff

2012: Bayarda
Mare by Belstaff sold

Biscotti von Barclay

2011: Biscotti
Colt by Barclay. (Biscotti is sold)



Hannoveraner Dam Line: Nordenburg out of this line are 16 licensed stallions for Hannover (e.g. Bonifatius, Danzador or Blue Hors Bentley). You can find several grandprixhorses like Weyden 4 or Prince Brillare. Dormello, Diamara's father was winner of the Oldenburger Licensing. One of the most popular horses (by Dormello) is Isabell Werth's "Der Stern".

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