ServiceWe offer support in horse breeding - that means we take care of your mare and foals at any age.


It is important to treat pregnant mares well! Even little things can influence the developement of the embryo. Problems during pregnancy even may decide whether a horse will be a good sporthorse or not. The gentle voice of the groom is as important as the excellent feed that makes sure that everything goes well.

If your mare is not pregnant now, we will be happy to help you in choosing the right stallion and we will enjoy to give you support in breeding management. Vets do regularly visit our stable for insemination and ultrasound examination. We take care of your mare during delivery. We use camera and birth alarm. And finally if the new born foal is here we will give a friendly welcome to your sweety.  After some days we start to train basic things like puting on a halter or lifting feet for the smith.


At the age of six to seven months we divide the foals into groups. It is important for us to have small groups so that every foal can be treated individual. We calculate the ideal portion of nutrition for each horse. The friendly horsemanship and species appropriate keeping in our stable will provide healthy development.

If you need some more information about smith, worming and vaccination management at our stable- please contact us.


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