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If you ever have been witness of a mare giving birth to a foal you can understand why we are still full of passion for this wonderful creatures. Horses are so much part of our lives. They are our familiy members:

Our familiy that is Michael, Kirsten and Jan Silbernagl.

We have been horseman, riders and farm owners for a long time. And we still love the farm work and the daily duties.

In 2001 we were able to buy an old little farm in a small village near Balingen. We only had two riding horses at this time. After a while we decided to buy two high quality fillies. The years went by and the two fillies became mares. We went to our first horse shows and tournaments and success was on our side. Those two fillies (Flitzi and Flammi) are the best mares in our stable today and the basis of our stud.

In 2005 we started breeding. We recognized that we wanted to raise our foals at our own farm.

So we sold our little farm and 2007 as a lucky coincidence we got the opportunity to buy a wonderful farm: the Berghof. Here we found wonderful meadows, fresh air and a new home.

Stall Several building works were necessary to create a perfect home for our horses. We are still expanding our stables.

We have good qualifications in horse grooming, breeding, feeding and keeping warmblood horses. (approved)


Contact us, come and visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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